Lifecell Anti Aging Cream Price starts from $149

There has been many requests from users on our website to provide details about the price of Lifecell Cream. In order to help people with their queries or concerns, we have tried to explain the Lifecell cream price structure in a simple process below:

Buy lifecell cream, our trial product by paying just $4. It is a two month supply. If you plan to keep it (which we know you will), then you will have to pay its full price which is 189$. Though you are still entitled for 120-day money back guarantee and if by any means you want to return, send the product back and all your money will be refunded into your account. All those who wish to keep lifecell skin cream are entitled for a VIP Replenishment Service.

YES! As a VIP client I understand, I will be enrolled in South Beach Skincare’s convenient and hassle-free “Home Delivery Plan” and have a freshly-formulated LifeCell sent to my doorstep every 60 days. The Home Delivery Plan is an exclusive plan that offers me:
$40 discount off the regular price of LifeCell. It means that the price for all future shipments will be $149!
Free shipping on all Home Delivery Plan shipments!
Convenient automatic shipping and billing!