Dark Circles: Nature’s Way Of Casting Dark Shadows On Your Appearance

Dark circles, found under the eyes, are undoubtedly nature’s way of casting dark shadows on your youthful appearance. The beautiful, lively eyes you loved flaunting earlier may suddenly need to be hidden behind dark glasses, lest the ugly dark circles start showing up. These eye bags and circles give you a tired, old and unattractive appearance.

What causes dark circles?

The skin on the area under your eyes is quite thin and delicate. Due to aging processes, amount of skin and fat in this area thins out even more, which makes your blood vessels more noticeable. This gives an impression of dark circles under your eyes, which are basically caused due to leaking red bloodstream cells.

Many other factors contribute to formation of dark circles, and this problem is not just confined to people in their mid life but many other people are also susceptible to the problem of dark circles. It is imperative to pinpoint these factors, so that you can help prevent and eliminate dark circles. Some of these factors include lack of proper rest, over-consumption of alcohol, smoking, inappropriate diet and stressful lifestyles.

How to get rid of dark circles?

Appearance of dark circles under your eyes can be a challenging problem. If you are looking to reduce appearance of these circles, here’s all that you need to do:

Instigate proper Blood Flow

Dark circles are a result of your tired eyes. You need to give your eyes an escape, if they feel tired. Consider closing your eyes and gently moving them. You can also use a warm compress to treat your tired eyes. In the absence of warm compress, it is advisable to rub both hands together to warm your palms. You can later cup both your hands over your eyes to enhance circulation.

Leading a Healthier Lifestyle

It is recommended to take a balanced diet, and get your daily 8 hours sleep. Eating foods containing Vitamin A and beta carotene shall help in assisting repair associated with damaged skin features. These nutrients shall also help in increasing the functions of eye cells. This can hence, dramatically slow down formation of unsightly dark circles and also help in combatting other skin problems.

Home Remedies

Treating dark circles under eyes are based around the three principles of moisturizing, cooling and stimulating skin under eyes. Moisturizing helps to hydrate skin, cooling helps in relieving stress around eyes while stimulation helps in toning the area to make it look more alive. Some effective home remedies to help you prevent and eliminate dark circles are:

  • Cool your eyes by placing cucumber slices on them for about ten minutes.
  • You can also place chilled, used tea bags under your eyes to cool them.
  • You can consider massaging almond oil or peanut oil under and around your eyes to hydrate and stimulate them.
  • A good way to cool and hydrate your eyes is to apply a mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice for five minutes before rinsing it off. Make sure the mixture does not get inside your eyes.

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